A rich academic history with repeated acknowledgments of excellence

Foundations built on years of development

In 2012, Dr Vladislav Sandler, co-founder of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals, postulated that cells similar to the
progenitors that gave rise to blood stem cells during mammalian development continued to exist after
birth. The data supporting this hypothesis began to accumulate. Soon it became clear that this type of
cell does indeed exist in adults. Dr Sandler called these cells Postnatal Hemogenic Endothelial Cells
– PHEC (aka Adult Endothelial Cells – AHE) cells. It also became clear that PHE cells could be used for
regeneration of the blood system. Hemogenyx was founded in the end of 2013 in order to translate this
discovery into clinical practice.

Dr Sandler discovered Hu-PHECs


Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals founded


Weill Cornell Medicine Daedalus Award

43 North Award


Proof of Principle Studies of Hu-PHEC Umbilical Completed

Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals LLC obtains exclusive worldwide licence to the Hu-PHEC patent


Patent application filed for CDX antibodies

Proof of Principle studies of CDX antibodies


Patent application filed for of a new type of humanised mice that can be used to advance
product development

Collaboration with the University of Oxford relating to cell therapy

LakePharma appointed as Service Provider for Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ CDX antibody conditioning product


Collaboration with major US biotech company to use Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ humanised mice for drug development and testing

Collaboration with The Rockefeller University to use Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ humanised mice for autoimmune disease modelling

Development agreement with leading global pharmaceutical company for preclinical development of Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ bi-specific CDX antibodies

Collaboration with Janssen Research & Development for the development of a model of lupus using Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ humanised mice

Investments from and collaborations with Orgenesis to further develop Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ Advanced Hematopoietic Chimeras and Hu-PHEC technology


CDX antibody shown to eliminate a subset of ALL cells in vitro and a subset of AML cells in vivo

Development of Advanced peripheral blood Hematopoietic Chimeras, humanised mice without Graft-versus-Host Disease that have additional biodefence applications

New patent application for Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ CDX antibodies for conditioning and composition matter of newly-discovered monoclonal antibodies against a target protein expressed on the surface of hematopoietic stem cells and a number of leukemias


Development of CAR-T therapy product candidate for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Initiated research into using Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ Advanced Hematopoietic Chimera humanised mice to recreate anti-SARS-CoV-2 virus antibodies to treat COVID-19

Signature of Biological Investigation and Material Supply Agreement with leading global pharmaceutical company for the discovery and validation of materials for the treatment of Lupus and possibly other autoimmune diseases

Moving Forward
We will continue to persistently progress and push the current limits of scientific progress to create new treatments and therapies for blood and autoimmune diseases, whilst also remaining on the journey to better the quality of human life. Transforming human life for the better is our primary aim.