A new era for the treatment of blood diseases

How it works

BM/HSC transplants includes a number of procedures whereby the BM/HSC of a patient are depleted and then replaced with hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells (HSPC) derived from the patient him/herself (Autologous HSCT) or from a donor (Allogeneic HSCT). Every BM/HSC transplant can be subdivided into three major stages. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ technologies target the first two stages where the greatest risks and limitations are, as shown below. Hemogenyx Pharmaceuticals’ technologies are complementary, but can also be used as stand alone products in line with traditional methods.

Step 1

Administration of CDX Bi-specific antibody

CDX antibodies are being developed as a stand-alone off-the-shelf product ready for intravenous (IV) injection. The antibodies will be injected once or several times (most likely up to three times) within a predetermined period (most likely 1 to 5 days).

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Step 2


Hu-PHECs isolated from either the umbilical cord and placenta (allogeneic) or the liver of a patient (autologous) will be used for transplantation. When transplanted, Hu-PHECs will regenerate the blood system of a patient.

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Step 3

Engraftment and Recovery

A patient will remain in hospital while the new cells grow and regenerate their blood system, white blood cells and platelets. The patient’s immune system will be delicate during this period and thus will be in a germ free environment.